Commercial Captain America Costumes


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Hi, I don't get on here much, most of my time is over at Filmjackets.
Thinking of a Captain America comic version for Halloween.
Can't afford a really good fan made suit, so was looking at commercially available ones.
Disguise puts out two versions, one for around $69 and the other is about $154, the latter being a higher quality one and that is what I am looking at.
It's Disguise item # 60366. Again, it still is a costume in a bag, but was wondering if anyone had seen it in person to give me thumbs up or down.
Also Disguise makes a good CA mask, item # 60362 to swap out the hood/mask that comes with the costume.

Both are available at and I can get them at 20% off and free shipping.

Any feedback would be very appreciated! Thanks, Dave.

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I'd say the reviews and advice here will be the same that you got on LoH: the mass produced costumes are cheap and are photographed in the best light possible then photoshopped to look good. Avoid them. Since Halloween is around the corner, the retail stored are opening up. Go into one and personally check them out. Odds are, you'll leave it in he store. Your other options are get a zentai on eBay, buy a suit from a member selling one or make it yourself.



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I was in Target the other day and looked at one of the Capt. costumes they make for kids. The thing was barely thicker than tissue paper. If it lasts more than a couple of houses while trick-or-treating I'd be shocked.


I've looked around at comercial and zentai Cap suits... and they all seem to miss the mark entirely for me. if you want to do Cap "on the cheap" so to speak. I would suggest buying some baseball pants

Eastbay Cold Weather Tight with EVAPOR - Men's - For All Sports - Clothing - Navy

maybe something like this...Pure Hero CAPTAIN AMERICA Bike Cycling Jersey Shirt. (05/15/2009)...

with this underneath...
Under Armour ® in Canada | Men's HeatGear® Longsleeve | 1201163 | $44.99 CDN

For less than a hundred, you'd have a really decent start. You can buy cheap gloves online like these...
Captain America Deluxe Adult Gloves - Costumes, 60361
That's like $12

Add a belt of your choice...

A shield like this...
Captain America Movie Shield (Adult) - Costumes, 800287
That's like $36

So now you are at about $163 (around the same price as that other cap outfit) but you look way better. Now all you need are the boots and the mask.


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I agree with Rage88. Commercial costumes are disappointing. You could probably make a better one for the same price as he mentioned.


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Ok, well I tried on the Deluxe Cap costume, that retails for about $160 and it fit pretty damn good, surprisingly. The only real down fall is the "mask". Floppy wings.
Buycostumes gave a me a good package deal with the costume, an different vinyl mask and the movie it's on it's way...we'll see..
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