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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Igniitus, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Waiting on the final bits for my Arkham Robin to come in by mail... so I got started on something new...

    Got the Dye Sub Pool from someone over at LoH, the Mash from eLucha. The French Ammo Pouches were kicking around my apartment, added to a web belt and foamie'd a buckle.

    Going to get two sets of these pouches for the bandolier/remainder of the belt...

    5 New French Military Large Mag Pouches, Tan - 868582, Pouches at Sportsman's Guide

    Then, heading to get more pleather to make a holster, the bandolier, random leg/weapon holders/cuffs/etc. Got a Red and Black Samurai sword somewheres around my apartment.. just gotta dig it out... stay tuned! Infrequent updates promised!
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    Great work!!!! Really like it
  3. Lord Magneto

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    Dude that looks great!

    I'm about to order one of those masks!!

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