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Hi Guys,

I've been doing 3 costumes (one spidey for me and Ms. Marvel & Blackcat for my girlfriend). I've kinda stopped on the spidey costume as there have been some technical issues with the sewing, but the other two are complete and I'll get them posted up when I've got pics with her in them.

Now....I decided to go down the route of doing a Hybrid Batman, kinda Hush stylee...

Got this from a user on here:


This looks like the standard belt to be dyed.


I used a blanking plate for a light switch, weathered it up and painted it


Got the chest Bat logo and gauntlets from Battexan



Graphic Jordan

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Awesome start. I plan on getting the new Hush cowl Reevz is working on for my next iteration of my batman costume. I'm using same belt also. What color do you plan on dying it? The light switch cover idea is genius!

Those gaunts are great also.


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I think you've got the beginnings of a great bat-suit! Glad I was able to help. Did you get a cape from Bob?

Really like how that buckle turned out, by the way!:thumbsup

Master Dahark

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Hey I really like that! I have the same belt as you too and was wondering what I'd do about the buckle-- mind if I steal your idea? ;)


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I've got all the res of the pictures to post up, but I can't do them from the iPad and I've left my laptop at work :( I'll try and get them up tomorrow.

GraphicJordan: I used Dylon colour remover (took some colour out) then dyed it with Dylon sunflower dye - I'll post the pics up. It came out really nice.

The lightswitch was just a blanking plate, however, didn't have screw holes which was a good thing.

The gaunts are beautiful....which nicely leads me onto....

Tom: thanks for the items, I never got the chance (I think I started and maybe never sent the email) to thank you properly. I am a very happy pre-bat :)

yeah, been chatting to Bob and he's preparing one of his capes for me. Looking forward to wearing it with the hush cowl. Thanks again for passing on his details.

MasterDahark: Steal away, I love it when we can share ideas and help each other out.

I'm planning on fastening it with industrial Velcro and making a few different styles of buckle, maybe one plain yellow, one yellow with a bat, one just gold....I've not thought it through, but I do like the idea of chopping and changing buckles.

Question for the experienced guys (ie anyone but me ;)): I've just got greasepaint for the blacks round my eyes, but was thinking, the actualy eyes themselves, ive been thinking about what colour would be good ? Could you go for a White iris, or maybe a different colour, like piercing blue. just looking for views and opinions.


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I've manage to hijack the girlfriends here's the rest of the pics:

The dyed belt


Here's the gauntlets on with the gloves


Here's me without the boots (Gotham 100's are on order, should get them next week)


Finally for now...(the cape as mentioned above has been ordered and will hopefully make the final item look good)


Now....lets hit the gym to bulk up !! ;)


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Yeah, although when I took the colour out, it didn't look any different but I just put that down to the material being wet. I then put the yellow dye in, it took about a day to dry naturally (stuck it in a hot cupboard) but the finished product is great (in my eyes anyway) :)


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Where did the bodysuit come from? It looks great! Love the dark, matte grey!

The 'suit' is actually 2 part compression sports wear from eastbay. When I bought them from there, they were doing a deal - something like 2 for 29usd (I'm in the uk, so had to pay for delivery and customs charges :() but at least I got both items to be the same colour !!


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No way! I'd ordered an east bay suit a while ago and it was much lighter... Do you remember what color you ordered?

From memory, I'm sure it's something like Charcoal Heather, if that helps..

There is a sheen to it, the bottom pic is the truer representation of it (albeit from an iPhone) I'll get better pics taken this week from a DSLR and post them up.


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Love that cowl, looks like a mix of The Dark Knight Returns cowl, and the Arkham Asylum game. Keep up the good work.


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Latest update - cape and boots should be here soon..However, got a muscle map and have been playing about in photoshop. What do you think ?



mustave monkey

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Nice work mate!!!!! :eek:eek
I'm looking forward to trooping with you soon in this one - could be Scotland's first Marvel DC crossover (Spider-Man Vs The Batman!)

R :)
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