Comic Con Preview Night Video

Art Andrews

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‪Comic-Con 2011 Preview Night‬‏ - YouTube

Generally would post this in the OT, but we want members and non-members alike to be able to view the video.

Sorry it took us so long to get the video up, but we are having such a great time that it is tough to stop and deal with video editing.

We will have a LOT more for you after the convention!

Hope you enjoy.
Thank you Art! You folks are doing a great service for us who couldn't make it this year! Very professional and I look forward to more coverage during and after! Kudos!
Trust me... after this, we are buying a new computer dedicated to video editing. It is a small miracle Star Wars Chick was able to cobble this together. This event has taught us a LOT in terms of gear and what we need. We spent a small fortune in equipment this year and for the most part, it has worked out well... but we STILL have a long ways to go..
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