Coma-Doof Warrior from Mad Max Fury Road

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  1. JamardKell

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    Hi all! This is my first post with the intention of showing my work.

    I'm trying to make the cosplay of this guy


    I read stories and description about this character in different forums and websites (he had a really sad story...).

    He wear a red oneise and a mask carved from his mother's face. The instrument he plays is a Guitar (in the upper part) an a Bass (the lower one).

    Question n 1

    I found this images of Guitar-Bass-Flamethrower

    Doof guitar 01.jpg

    Someone can give me information about these...things (1)?
    I can't read what's written on (2). Maybe "DA????4600"
    Are these sparks plug (3)?

    Finally, the mask. Ok i've no idea.
    My first attempt will be build a head replica using scrap paper and model the mask using thin foam sheets, polystyrene an some kind of resin as hardener, but i'm not sure of the results.

    If some kind soul can find better images or give me some tips, I'll be happy

    I hope I haven't bored you with my bad English.



    Doof guitar 01.jpg
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  2. freeshrugs

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    1 looks like meters of some sort
    2 looks to me like half of a tractor or motorcycle pan saddle
    3 are definitely spark plugs

    Good luck!
  3. Audie

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    In an interview Miller said the guitar is part bed pan. I have the Art of Mad Max: Fury Road book but I think it does not tell much about Coma's prop guitar.
  4. JamardKell

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    Logo found. Its is a DATSUN 1600

    I'm looking for scrap metal and tubes for the guitar.

    Meanwhile, i try to build up the mask.

    Updates soon. Tnx all.
  5. weaselflinger

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    The whammy bar looks like a bicycle kickstand.
  6. Scapey

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    I think the part with holes in it is a saddle or seat of some sort.
    It's similar to the little wheeled stool my daughter has in her room...
  7. Audie

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    Appears to be wearing one left pair of Converse.
    tumblr_nollicZxSm1sutddeo1_500.jpg tumblr_nov1ipRRpb1rru9xqo1_500.jpg
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