Colt Python resize problem

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by city hunter, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Hello people, im trying to resize the colt python i got from papercraft museum to life size measures.
    The main problem is that pepakura designer resize option cant be changed individually without affecting the others. ive seen wen you change the lenght the others 2 also change.
    this colt python model should be a 4 inches barrell wich is around 100 mm.
    Wen i achived this size , the rest changed also, and gives the gun a ridiculus big handdle!
    Is there any option to deactivated the measures link? (to change each measure individually) or any work around for this particular gun?.
    thanks in advance.
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    Is the paper model full size now? What is the barrel length on the model? If it is longer than 4 inches, you should be able to cut it down as the Python barrel it the same the entire length except for maybe the railing on the top of the barrel. Hope this helps.

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