Color Matching Star Trek TOS Uniforms


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I'm working on a digital project that involves the Star Trek TOS uniforms, and I'm considering buying the Anovos TOS neckties to use as color swatches since I trust the research that's gone into their dyeing process and I think the colors look perfect as far as my personal preferences go (and they're relatively cheap too). However, I'm not currently in possession of any kind of Pantone book or swatch to make a match from, which I feel would be the best way to find the closest digital color equivalent as well as making my job easier (and hopefully others) down the line when it comes to actually constructing a uniform. What would be the best thing for me to do?


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You could try checking out your local library to see if they have a Pantone reference book. It's always surprising what they have available for patrons and it certainly couldn't hurt to ask.


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If you have Photoshop and a way of scanning the tie into your computer, you could scan it and sample the color to get the Pantone color.
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