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    Hey all, so I'm making the N7 armor from mass effect 2, and I had a question.

    Since, in the game you can change the color of the led lights that dot the armor, I was hoping I could do something similar with the armor. (I know blue is everyone's favorite color, but I thought it would be cool if I could simulate the shield "breaking" and have the blue lights swap to red or something to simulate danger)

    So does anyone have any wiring experience or circuit experience to help me set up several LED strips and such so that with the flip of a switch or twist of a knob I can change the colors?

    Any help/tutorials is greatly appreciated :D
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    It's pretty easy and you have a couple of options for that :

    1- you run two sets of leds in parallel with a switch that can send the current from one set to another.

    2-you use rgb leds that contains three small leds, one red, one green and one blue and you wire them by color, so the same way as the other option, you can trigger only one color.

    There's a pretty nice example of how to use rgb led strip there : RGB LED strip tutorial

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