Colonist costume from aliens.


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I often see colonial marine costumes and i wanted to do something different and create a yutani worker or colonist costume but i have no idea where to start. If possible i was hoping you guys being experts might be able to point me in the right direction.


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hmm good info, anyone know a place i might find clothing or a jumpsuit similar enough to what was used in the film cause i could not find anything.


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As obiwan stated, you def will have better luck on the AL forum but maybe these will help.

If you are after true screen accuracy, then you may be a bit disappointed. WY Colonists/employees are pretty standard.
Jumpsuits, lab coats and "work shirts". Not much there to let people know your relation to the source material besides Weyland Yutani patches.
WY Colony Men.jpg

I assume you don't want to go WY "PMC/Commando", but Weyland-Yutani scientists could be fun? Little more to work with possibly, but without a facehugger or copious WY patches, it still may not be instantly recognizable to anyone who isn't obsessed with the source material

Alien 3 WY Team 2.jpg
Alien 3 WY scientist 2.jpg
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