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Does anyone have an extra original canopy for the monogram viper they would be willing to sell? I know some people have built them with the replacement cockpit and canopy so I figured someone here might have an original left over. My kit did not have the canopy in it and I can't get a replacement from Revell.
I've been waiting for over a year for my detail kits. If they ever arrive, I'll be willing to help you out. Shoot me a PM in a few months and check up on me and I'll let you know if I've received my kits or not.


I've been checking with Federation and Hgr 18 for almost a year and nada, nathan, zilch on any cockpit detail kits, pilots or Scarlet conversions. I got an e-mail a while back from MMI saying that they wouldn't be doing any BG stuff for some time. Were you able to order direct or did you go through their distributors?
I made a private trade with J. at MMI for the detail kits. I email him once every few months or so to check on the progress of the detail kits, and he usually responds in a day or two. It always seems as though something is going wrong or not working out with the production of the detail kits. He's basically told me the same thing about his delays, but has led me to believe that I will eventually get my kits. I hope so at least-- I'm getting anxious to build them.

Let's cross our fingers and wish them good fortune up there at MMI

I have an original, but have not decided weather I am going to use it or not.
I am trying to cast my own clear canopy and thrust nozzles and have the molds done.
My first cast turned out pretty bad, but I am trying a different approach to see if it works better.
I will keep you up to date, or you can email me.

Later, Barry. :thumbsup
MMI went out of production for a year to move thier business and get some stuff in order. The last few months has seen them ramp up business and as soon as they find a Vaccu-form outlet they will be putting the cockpit kit back into production.
Hey all,

MMI is still around. Much to the chagrin of many. :)

As Coby pointed out, we need a vac former. Once that is done... Cockpits for everyone... :confused I have the Photo-Etch. I have the molds. I have the resin. I DON'T have canopies. :(

As soon as I line one up, and get the proccess started... We'll also have the Dual Seat Cockpits. They are ready to go, mostly. Just, no dang canopies. :(

I haven't forgotten about you Russell. It makes me ill thinking how long this has gone on. And that I got my part of the trade, but you haven't gotten yours. I am so very sorry for that. :$

My vac-former wasn't allowed to come out and play any more. I mean that. His wife told him to give up this childish stuff. It's true. Talk about wipped. Nice guy, but... Anyone got a spare set they can lend him.. :angry

I have a few guys lined up. We are just hammering out the details.
Originally posted by Johnnycrash@Jun 21 2005, 01:30 PM
... Anyone got a spare set they can lend him..  :angry

Sorry - Using mine ;)... as often as possible :)

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