Colonial Marine Armor in 1:6 Scale?


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Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to make some dioramas to go with a custom 1:6 scale Colonial Marine, and I've noticed it's extremely difficult (impossible) to find armor casts from the Hot Toys figures. Does anyone have any insight as to where I could find a set? I tried making some out of styrene, but I have never tried casting pieces and I don't have any equipment to work with. Would just making some out of clay and making molds the best bet?

Thank you!


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There was a company that re-popped the armor and weapons a couple of years back but those can be hard to find.
There is a customizer on the Sideshowcollectors message boards by the user name "Dorgmal Snow" who I believe has moulds ready to produce resin copies.. or he did anyway. I'd try contacting him and find out what he'd charge for some armor.


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Thank you! I should have gotten the Eva Models one back when I first saw it years ago. I need a squad built! I don't want to spend hundreds on the HT figures.


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I'd suggest having a go at sculpting/molding/casting your own. It may cost several hundred to get it off the ground, but after that you can cast as many copies as you want, and you can sell some off to recoop your costs.


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I got some generic casting silicone and made the first mold of the ab plate, so that piece is done at least, and I got a great cast last night. I see an obsession in the making
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