Colonel Stars-Kickass 2


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First time poster here just looking for suggestions/ideas. I have most of the costume done and have been viewing other threads for the past few months while I gathered mats for the build. I would especially like to thank user Fly4v for all the help in his Colonel Stars thread and his effort to help with my build.

I have OCP tops and bottoms, a headband that i plan to use with a masquerade mask, the axe handle mostly done for the weapon build (just need to touch up some stars on the blue), belt w/buckle and german pouches, gloves with flags and stars set into 'em, flag patches and colonel insignia for OCP blouse, along with black boots and an mp5 ammo holster.

I have to note that I am doing this on a budget so I am aware it is NOT going to be spot on. I also like having my own little style if thats what you call it. In the pictures I provide below, you will note that the magazine holster, OCP tops and bottoms, and axe handle are off, but I believe they still work and for the pricing and availability, it suits my needs.

The only thing I have trouble putting into perspective is the hood which i would like to implement from KICKASS 2. I think it's very cool, but I dont know too much about sewing and would not like to waste material as it's not the easiest to come by.

If you look at my photo of the mask, as of now it is just a headband with a plastic mask that i plan to use for facial construction. Maybe as an insert in the actual fabric, or as a backer to the fabric. Have yet to experiment with what woudl give more definition but we will see.

I would like to note that in the beginning stages of painting the axe handle, I tried all blue then to paint white stars, only to find out that i didnt like the stars. Now, i have painted a layer of white coat with the idea of putting star tape to keep the white (White Stars) as i layer over the rest of the white with blue for the blue filler. I actually think taking a star stencil and painting inside the star stencil with white might make for a better outcome. More to follow. Also have to find stars and a colonel for each end of the bully stick.

I attend Boston Comic Con AUG. 1st, and feel like a month left is just enough to make improvements.
Thanks for any comments, suggestions/support!

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boots.JPG gloves.JPG HOLSTER.JPG leftsleeve.JPG mask.JPG pouch.JPG rightsleeve.JPG

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Great looking build. I have a photo with measurements for the hood pattern and yes OCP fabric is harder/impossible to get now thanks to Scorpion.


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So it's been a while but wanted to follow up with something. The con went great but Boston is more of an artist gathering than anything. I believe Rhode Island and SanDiego ComicCon probably have the better of venues and guests at at least more than Scully ( XFiles actress who no showed) and Stan Lee. Hood came out great. Going to have to find a photo of it up since i dont have the costume at the moment where I'm at. You'll find Frozone, Peter Griffin, and Silver Surfer respectively posing with me below!

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