Collecting movie tickets.


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Just wanted to see if anyone collects used movie tickets. I have a few and want to know how I can protect them from fading, especially ones from the last 20 /30 years or so like the one below:


I have a sneaky feeling that cinemas as we know them with not exist within the next few decades and I see these as important pieces of history. And they are a great retro item to look at.
I used to collect movie tickets back in the day. I don't know how long they'll last but I can say in terms of preservation they will last a whole lot longer if you keep them stored in a cool/dry/ dark place. I've seen the entire print fade away or disappear entirely if exposed to enough sunlight or heat because most of these are printed on thermal sensitive paper. Something else you might want to consider doing is to take high quality photos of them, both front and back. Even if they do fade, despite your careful efforts to preserve them, at least you'd have a digital copy you could make prints from later on if you wanted.

I've found that to be a helpful technique with a lot of items I collect, whether it's a prop or what have you. If I worry about losing an item or I have to sell it later on, I can still enjoy it if I have some really nice quality pictures of it.
yeah I had a binder with all my old ticket stub's... were talkin ALIENS, DIE HARD, RAMBO 2, etc. all the 80's action/sci-fi into late 90's. I had multiple's of most but, die hard, I friggin watched that movie like 12 times in the theatre. the tickets with the yellow ink faded bad to were I could barely make them out, but turning into an ADULT I tossed them.... oh and the movie's cost a dollar back then.... right before they were going to pull the movie/movies from the theatre you could get lucky and watch a double feature for a $1.50. MAN I miss the 80's!! :cool:
I have a collection from over the years. Some are so badly faded I can't even see what the movie was. Thought maybe someday I'd make a tabletop out of them or something fun.
Bought this lot on Ebay for around £10 posted. Few beauties In this lot but especially happy with the Predator one you can see in the photos. Also got Williw, BTTF movies and Terminator. Got to be over 200 tickets here at least.


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