Colle 21: does anybody has experience with this product?


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I was looking for a fast drying glue that doesn't leave a white residue. I came across a product called "Colle 21", popular in Italy an France, it seems. Never heard from it, but this movie looks impressive:

It is a glue that dries fast, but only when you apply pressure. As long as you don't do that, it stays liquid. So you can pour a small amount in a plastic cap or something, and apply that with a tooth pick or needle on small parts. That's not possible with regular superglue. It also would not give any white residue when gluing. Anyway, just wanted to check if someone here already used this product or knows more about it? It's not that expensive. Not more than regular superglue. But I wanted to check if what they tell about it is genuine or just marketing. The video looks genuine...