Colin Cantwell Prototype TIE - Research Thread


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OK here are crap iphone screen shots of the BluRay behind the scenes.

So on 9/16 we should have some very good reference. (for the two people interested) Looks like someone scratched his ball.


Zombie Killer

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I know there are some blue devil destroyer parts on the outside of the wings. The 4 bigger parts just below the long thin pieces are the guns form the BDD.


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Is each BR torrent about 50GB?

So it looks like the sphere's window was shot black from the inside the hemisphere. A circle masked off on the outside and then blue shot over the window mask. With my older cheesey 8kb reference, I assumed it was shot blue then a gloss black "eye" over the blue. Looks like I also imagined incorrectly that the solar panels were a gloss black.

Again, amazing pics.

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