Unlimited Run Cold Cast Hoth Scanner/Snowtrooper Ab Discs- Cast from Original Thermostat


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EDIT 3/28/2021

This thread will now serve as the sale thread. Please read the following:

- These will only sold as sets unless stated otherwise
- Price for 1 set is $26.06 including shipping and paypal fees for Goods&Services
- I will only sell what I have on hand ready to ship - No pre-orders, but I will take your name down on the list
- At this time, it will be 1 set per person as I am only able to produce so many sets a week. If you want multiple sets, I will add you to a separate list.
- If you break a piece accidentally during the process of working on it, I can replace the piece for a reduced cost, however I must be provided with evidence of this.
- I will post up any B pulls on the Junkyard section and may post here to inform you of it. The quality or issues will be detailed in those posts, and of course will be at a reduced cost due to flaws.

Important information about the castings: These are cast from 2 thermostats and have as close a likeness you can get in terms of accuracy. Due to the nature of the piece, the outer edge is quite thin. The resin is durable, but you must take considerable caution when looking to drill holes or add hardware when building your replica pieces. I leave a little but of the flashing on them as well, I would recommend leaving that on until AFTER you polish/shine the castings

Polishing: Folks have their techniques, but I usually start with 0000 Steel wool, and once I get an initial reveal of the metal sheen, I will take aluminum polish (Like Mother's from an auto store) and do several passes. The realistic shine is quite easy to achieve but takes some elbow grease to make it happen. Again, be cognizent that the outer rim is the thinnest part of the cast and to avoid putting too much stress on them when polishing.

SALES LIST- Please find your name to see the status for your spot!
"Casts Prepped"
- Casts are produced, standby for next step when I will be ready
"READY FOR PAYMENT" - Your set is ready for shipping, please message me for payment details or provide payment
"Shipped/Completed"- I will provide a tracking number for your order at this point

NOTE: If you are next up for a set and I do not receive payment or a response within 3 days of messaging, I will skip to the next in line! If you are on the list but cannot make payment at the time, Please let me know and I will move you to the subsequent batch or push it out to a later time when you are ready

Payment instructions for PAYPAL:
- Paypal Fees and CONUS Shipping cost included- $26.06
- You must provide your shipping address in the paypal comments, along with your RPF Username. If I cannot identify who sent me funds, I will automatically kick the money back
- Use Goods&Services only!


External RPF List:

- Masahiko - 1 set OCONUS - READY FOR PAYMENT
- Christy J. - 1 set CONUS - READY FOR PAYMENT
- Paul T. - 1 set CONUS - PAID - SHIPPED


@3DImpact - 2 sets CONUS -PAID - SHIPPED
@Fekali - 1 Set - OCONUS -PAID - SHIPPED
kurtyboy - 1 Set - OCONUS--PAID - SHIPPED

@ecojedi83 - 1 Set CONUS - PAID - SHIPPED
@russellsch - 1 set - CONUS - SHIPPED
@inquisitor Peregrinus - 1 set - CONUS - SHIPPED
@Banzai88 - 1 set - CONUS - SHIPPED
@Panaflex - 1 set -CONUS - PAID + FINISHED SET
@DarthWilder - 1 sets CONUS - SHIPPED
@Saranac - 1 set -CONUS - SHIPPED
@enaswede - 1 set - CONUS - SHIPPED
@HackinSpock - 1 set - CONUS - SHIPPED
@cdyoung - 1 set - CONUS - SHIPPED
@Cantina_Dude 1 set - OCONUS - SHIPPED
xwingercrash - 1 Set -SHIPPED
Cameron - 1 set CONUS- SHIPPED
@TatooineMachine - 1 set CONUS -SHIPPED


Please note the cast in the pictures is a first pull and was intended as a test- I will not send out casts with the degree of visible quality issues, i.e., the number of air bubbles

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Just giving an update- I'm finding it a bit more difficult to produce casts void of air bubbles. The issues is really only on the flat rim-edge portion. While I can certainly pass these off as B-pulls, or if it were standard resin, nothing more than a few minutes of clean-up work, however, for cold cast, I am seeking flawless casts. This is making me consider investing in a de-gassing chamber as I think that will be truly the best route for achieving the results I'd like.

I must also note that I am now just under 2 weeks out from my wedding and a 2 week long honeymoon, so please be patient as this will likely carry over into the new year. I may post the B-pulls up for sale though between now and then so if you're not terribly concerned with it, those will be an option.

Thank you for your patience.


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Dude, live your life. You only get one of them. And no matter how long you take the rest of us will only be in the same boats we are in now so nothing lost.

Thanks for doing these and best wishes for your wedding, honeymoon, and future!

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