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    GF and I decided to watch Titanic tonight. Started to watch it at a random time, When Andrews adjust the clock to 2:12 am guess what time it was.........2:12,, then when the staircase clock get submerged at 2:17 guess what time it was..... ? 2:17. The time the stern went under was 2:26 am. Thats crazy. Like the movie or not we were blown away. I paused the movie at 2:12 and asked her the time on her iPod. Exactly 2:12. Thought it was really cool especially the date etc.
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    That is cool.

    Oh, if you didn't at least watch Titanic yesterday, you just can't call yourself a movie fan ever again.

    I have a creepy ability to glance at the digital clock every night at 11:38. you will too.
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    worst superpower ever ;)
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    Unless, of course, you watched it at the theater on Friday night, had been watching Titanic stuff all week, and had other Titanic-related stuff to do last night. :p
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    You glance at the closk just as many times when it reads other times too.

    You just REMEMBER the 11:38 times more.

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