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Hey guys, I searched the forums but I couldn't find anything like this. I'm looking to recreate the M1911 that is seen in the finale of Call of Duty:Modern Warfare (if you know it). It is the same 1911 seen in the multiplayer and singleplayer campaigns, it looks like this:

M1911 - The Call of Duty Wiki - Modern Warfare, Black Ops, World at War and More!

Here's a better look: Review : Socom Gear M1911 MEU SOC Black & Tan (special edition) Part 2 - YouTube and here Airsoft Socom Gear M1911 MEU (SOC) Review - YouTube

Anyways, I've been looking high and low for something exactly like this and have come close here:

U.S. Marine Corps SOCOM Gear M1911 MEU (SOC) - Air Armory Airsoft

It's almost exactly the same as I can see it except for the tan grips, silver barrel/eject port area, and the words "PROFESSIONAL CAL .45" on the left side slide as well as some other small lettering (made in Taiwan, Marine Core medallion/lettering).

Besides that everything seems to be cherry on this gun, the hammer, trigger, beaver tail and everything else seems to be good. I was just wondering if any of you know of a better replica or a way to fix this. I looked for aftermarket grips but to no avail. I could just pain them tan, but the Marin Corp medallion and lettering are there (not very authentic for an SAS Captain to have). So I guess the grips and the Marine thing are the biggest problems, anybody have any solutions?

P.S. I haven't bought anything yet, just shopping around for my first prop! :D
Ugh, Google Shopping is your friend. >.< SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU Limited Edition Full Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black / Tan: Sports & Outdoors Combat Zone Stryker, Black airsoft gun: Sports & Outdoors

But I'm still not convinced this is what I'm looking for, still they would make great holster queens, for carrying at conventions. I think I'd like a full metal body with some heft to it, but that's just me. :p

EDIT: Also would be good for a nice weathered version. Good if you don't want to scratch up your pretty all metal airsoft body. :) Obviously if this gun has been through real combat/wars (MW1 & 2) there would be some wear and tear.

I guess CoD isn't as big with you guys. Oh well, anyone who wants to know the best that I could find is the Socom Gear Special Edition, then buy some Ed Brown or knock off brown grips. That should be pretty close. I'm also considering getting a real 1911 mag and fills that with .45 cal bullets to make it look more authentic when I display it. Let me know what you think of that idea, will post pics when I finally get it all together.
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Here is my COD MW-inspired airsoft build. Combat wear and all. :lol

It's currently my primary sidearm when I go out and play airsoft and has had it's fair share of (pretend) blood, but I'm actually trying to sell it to finance other things.

Here's the deal:

If you want to be HARD CORE about guessing what the COD 1911 is based on, I'd say the best guess is the Kimber MARSOC ICQB MEU(SOC) pistol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now of course that isn't a guarantee because we never see a rollmark in the game, there are tons of different manufacturers and frankenstein guns for the MARSOC program as you will see in that wiki link, and honestly it's just an 1911 built up with:

-Blank slide with rear cocking serrations (judging by game texture)
-Novak's style Combat sights
-Ambidextrous safety
-Stainless trigger
-Stainless? Skeletonized hammer
-Stainless Barrel
-Stainless Barrel Bushing
-And most important of all, Simonich G-10 Gunner Grips

Now, Simonich himself actually passed away and his wife runs the business (I believe called Strider Knives now) but on one hand, I'm not sure if they make those grips readily available, and on the other, VZGrips makes pretty much the exact grip, and they are great (I have a slightly modified set):

Simonich Gunner Grips
VZ Recons
VZ Recons

I have pretty extensive knowledge of airsoft parts, models, releases, and builds out there, so if you do end up deciding on which route to go (Kimber, Springfield, etc) I can definitely help you out. I spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time trying to build up guns from my favorite games and movies :D
Yeah. there are soo many 1911 models that are based on similar setups, tho with the tan Gunner style grips my first guess would be the Kimber MARSOC pistol, second guess would be Springfield Armory. This is my Western Arms Kimber MARSOC. Pretty close, but with 1911's, do what feels right.
Oooh nice MARSOC. I always hate how hard it can be to get your hands on specific WA models without paying an arm and a leg, finding the right website that will ship to U.S., etc.

Honestly half the models they come out with end up being inaccessible to us over here.

But yeah bottom line is, the COD MW2 1911 has no rollmark and could really be any of most of the pistols in the MARSOC/MEUSOC/whateverSOC program, so pick whatever you want and it will be "accurate"

Mine is purely COD-"inspired" and is actually supposed to be Springfield TRP, with a flared magwell that you will not find in the MARSOC guns, and my grips are a "basterdized" version of the Gunner grips and VZ's diagonal pattern. The cut out to make the mag release easier to access is neat too.

Gunman42's Kimber will be the only manufacturer-made airsoft gun that replicates a MARSOC pistol and is therefore the closest stock option, but I believe it was a limited run. Otherwise you will have to build it up (totally doable, and probably easier to source) from other parts. Tokyo Marui would be the easiest platform to do this in.

Or go with a BLANK slide to be PERFECTLY accurate to the game texture :p

Gunman42 I am jealous. Where'd you get it?
I've got a bunch of WA 1911s still.


I need to look to see if I still have the MARSOC. I know I have the WA Kimber TLE/RL IIs in black and stainless and the MEU.

If you are interested in any of them, let me know.
This is the base gun I've chosen for my attempt to replicate this gun


Just need to find some grips that will fit now.
I dunno, just because IMFDB says it doesn't necessarily make it EXACTLY so, especially since we've all pretty much agreed in this thread that all you gotta do is dress up your 1911 MARSOC style. Even IMFDB mentions the ICQB.

In case someone wants a fresh MARSOC, I've ordered from this website before and it was a good transaction:
Western Arms SCW3 Kimber Marsoc(L.M.)_Pistol_Yours Airsoft Superstore -

Also this isn't worth making a new thread for because I doubt there's an answer, but does anyone know of a laser and/or light attachment with a similar shape to the one on the USP in Modern Warfare? I love the slight angle and how it feels almost flush with the frame and trigger guard.
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