Clu's Baoding Balls/Controlling Orbs (Tron Legacy) - Advice wanted


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Hey all,

This is my first post ever so sorry if I mess up somehow.

I am putting together a small prop, Clu's Baoding Balls from Tron Legacy, and would like some advice if anyone has done this before or something similar. So far I have found this thread Clu gravity balls (prototype) which has answered some questions, such as the size, but has left some info to be desired. For example I am not sure yet what is best for electronics, I know to start in order to just get something tangible I will use some basic stuff like an LED strip running off a small battery.

But in the long run I would like something a bit more high quality, maybe with motion detection, and a rechargeable battery would be nice. For when it comes to that, does anyone have any recommendations for small boards that pack a lot of features in about a maxmium 36mm space? Smaller the better obviously. My biggest desires are built in charging for a battery and neopixel control so I don't have to have a seperate thing to charge it and then with neopixels I can change things as I wish and maybe have some lighting effects.

If there is any interest in this as well I will happily update as I make progress on this. I already have someone working on the metal hemispheres and I have whipped up a design for diffusing the lights and allowing a snap fit at the same time.



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The black hemispheres are 2mm stamped Aluminium I had done by a guy who does metal commissions. The centres are currently 3D prints that I designed and need sanding still but are thin enough that LEDs shine through.

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