"Close enough" Jack Sparrow Cosplay


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Hey everyone! Ever since Pee-Wee Herman's bike has taken all of my money for the past few months, I've decided to take a break and focus on working on something I would have ready in time for a con. I had started making my own very crappy Jack Sparrow costume in October when my school did "Disney day" for spirit week. I decided to get an actual Jack costume ready for C2E2 and Anime Central, and after grabbing a buccaneer wig from Amazon and tying in hair from a bandana and knotting it to make some pseudo-dreads, and using a $30 Jack Sparrow costume as a base, my end result was this:
Then for Anime Central, I grabbed some costumebase accessories and tied myself to a pole:
Now that I have some time to wait for Wizard World Chicago, I've decided to start working on making the costume even better, and so I'm saving up for the Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume. I've decided that that will become the base costume, and I'll add on whatever I find. Currently, I'm looking to get a good Curse of the Black Pearl wig. I know of the many ways of making wigs from scratch, but I have no experience in that at all. So in addition to the costume, I need to find a good wig to start out with and either add dreads or dread the hair myself. Is my best bet going to be adding on dreads from a rasta hat or something to a black wig or taking a kanekalon hair wig and dreading the hairs myself?