Close Encounters reference pics

Does anyone here know where reference photos of the "Puck" alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind might be found? I understand the stop-motion miniature was a full figure, but I can't find any quality images of the entire alien online.

I've been told that Bob Balaban wrote a diary/book of his experiences working on the film, and that there's one pic of "Puck" in his book, but I've not seen it.



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Cinefex never really covered CE3K in its entirety - there was an issue that dealt with the animation, and another that covered Greg Jein, but not much on the aliens. The best thing I've seen is a vintage Cinefantastique from the original issue of the film.

phase pistol

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Double issue! :D


I'll have to check my files, I know there are images of the Carlo Rambaldi alien out there.


Thank's all..You're the best. Phase Pistol, that's by far the best image of the miniature I could have ever hoped to find..It's almost too perfect!

This info will come in handy :)


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First time I've seen that too.

Who couldn't love asexual pot bellied space nudists that like to jam on giant flying moog organs and displace earthlings in time.
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