Close Encounters Mothership Model Pics- From Smithsonian

Thanks for posting this! I'm planning a trip to the Smithsonian early next year and had no idea this model was on display. I hope it's still around next April...
yeah its cool, its in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles International Airport. not the one on Independence Ave. see can you find r2-d2, a mailbox, a grave yard and there are a few more easter eggs hidden in the model
Funny how different it looks when the lights aren't on. I didn't know the aliens used giant screws for construction.

I will have to check it out if I ever get back to DC.
It's at the Smithsonin at Dulles like Breen said. It's kind of hidden in a corner but any of the guides can point you to it. it's a permanent possession of the museum so it should still be there when you go. Man I loved that movie as a kid.
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