Clint Eastwood’s Shirt High Plains Drifter


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Hey everyone, i’ve been trying to figure out what this shirt that clint eastwood wears in High Plain’s Drifter is made out of. Any advice on the fabric or anywhere i could find a shirt like this would be fantastic.

Thanks for any help offered.
Historically shirts of this type would be linen or cotton homespun. Homespun fabric uses a nubby (less consistently spun) thread which produces a more textured fabric than a commercial loom might produce. This also produces a less consistent color as the dye is not absorbed equally by the varying fiber widths and lengths. Cotton fabric is normally softer but linen is more durable, breathable, wicks moisture better, dries faster and can produce a lighter weight fabric as the fibers are stronger and longer than cotton. It is the “performance” fabric of natural fibers. I would prefer a linen shirt over cotton in the high plains. Hope this helps.
I did a quick run of some of my living history sources and don't see anything. I know I've seen similar material available in the past. In addition to linen homespun above, you might try searching for linsey woolsey and jean wool. You might have to kludge a couple types of patterns together to get that as the common "shirt on the square" pattern is normally a placket and the HPD shirt has a full yoke and buttons all the way up.
There are many possibilities as people are saying.

Fabrics can be so strange; I have a grey shirt that looks and feels like lightweight wool, but it's 100% cotton according to the label.

Personally, if recreating that shirt, the original fibre content wouldn't concern me. I would find the best visual match.
This! Same here Dr Jones Sr (y) In re-creating a costume; my first priority is: "Is it looking like like the one in the movie?"
If yes, the fabric is of no importance;) (there are exceptions of course).

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