Cleaning/Treating Batman Cowl


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I just acquired a nice TDK cowl but I'm thinking it could use some TLC. So I was thinking of cleaning/fixing it. Does anyone know what to clean the surface of the mask with? And also, how would one go about fixing the little divets in the cowl's surface like the ones below?

So I've cleaned it all up with armorall which worked quite well, however when I put it on the chin piece is a bit wobbly (i dont have a pointy chin like bale). I'm sure others have had the same problem, so my question is how did you fix it? If you do cut a chunk out of the chin piece how do you cover it up?
You Can't fix those little dents in urethane you have to live with them. They don't look that bad at all and it's pretty normal for a cowl to have small defects like this. To get rid of the chin wag you need to pad the back and top to push your face into the opening. Which cowl is it a RD or Noble recast? If it's the RD than it's fairly large and the chin seems to be very loose it's just the way that cowl is. Remember though your supposed to have enough room for a hood that is made from the same material as the undersuit. You can see what I mean in this pic it goes under the neck sections and up over your head like a balaclava but with the mesh.

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