Clay For Sculpting And Casting

Haha, sorry i'll try being more considerate of you guys and look around alot more. I can imagine what alot of you guys have to deal with so sorry!
(And sorry Usurper for putting it in the wrong section)
I'm not sure if you have gotten any clay as yet, but I've been doing some investigating of my own in order to get materials to make a head myself. I came across this store:
They're an Adelaide based store, it's cheaper if you buy online - you can pay via bank transfer though (I'm not sure if that still gets the discount) since you said your parents don't like ordering over the internet. You could always call and ask them as well, they might be able to help you out, you never know :)
There's not a great deal of selection here in Far North Queensland either :/ Except plaster, there's tonnes of the stuff.
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