Classic Sonic Screwdriver Variant


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I wanted to design my own sonic screwdriver so I looked at tons of images trying to get ideas. I noticed that in the classic series (during Jon Pertwee's time and forward) the basic design didn't really change much. When they re-imagined it for the Fox TV movie they also stayed close to that basic design. With that in mind I decided to do a variant of that instead of a full blown redesign.

I've always loved the spring action so I wanted to keep that. I decided that I wanted to make the handle more ergonomic looking for a start. I also wanted to knurl the ring that's used as an activator and the dial at the bottom. I like the yellow and black safety stripe on the third Doctors sonic screwdriver, but I decided to put it on the neck so it's only visible when it's activated.

The original props were aluminum, but I didn't have access to a machine shop so I 3D printed the prototype in Stainless Steel. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Here are the pictures. Let me know what you think!

The 3D Model
sonic screwdriver 2017  isometric.JPG sonic screwdriver 2017 front.JPG sonic screwdriver 2017 side.JPG

The Prototype Prop
The Jason's Sonic Screwdriver 2017 Post.jpg