Classic Sc-Fi film festival in Los Angeles Starting May 20

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    A friend of mine down in L.A. helps organize these screenings and thought that some of the Southern California RPF'ers might be interested in this event. (This guy helped organize the INDIANA JONES retrospective they had earlier in the year so it should be a good show.) Fred Barton is going to have his replica Robby the Robot and Gort there, Tobe Hooper is going to be there, lots of double features - all in a newly restored single screen movie theatre (remember those?). Here's the press release thing:

    The American Cinematheque at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA is holding a classic sci-fi film retrospective, co-sponsored by the Visual Effects Society and CFQ Magazine during the last two weekends in May. See classic sci-fi films on the BIG screen, with lobby displays of photos and artifacts along with special appearances by Robby the Robot, Gort, and director Tobe Hooper.
    • Sat. May 20, 7:30pm - ALIEN
    • Sun. May 21, 6:30pm - ALIENS - Special sneak preview of the ALIENS retrospective panel that will be featured at this summer's VES Festival after the show.
    • Thurs. May 25, 7:30pm - Double Feature . - THE THING (the original) & IT., THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE
    • Fri. May 26, 7:30pm - Double Feature. - FORBIDDEN PLANET & THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - Special appearance by Robby the Robot and Gort in the lobby, introduced by CFQ author Steven Rubin who will talk about the making of the films.
    • Sat. May 27, 7:30pm - Double Feature. - LIFEFORCE & John Carpenter's THE THING - LIFEFORCE Director Tobe Hooper will be there to talk in between films.
    The Aero Theatre is located at 1328 Montana Ave (14th & Montana) in Santa Monica. More information can be found on their website at

    OK - Lifeforce is something of a dud, but Aliens is always cool to see on the big screen, and Forbidden Planet is a classic........
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    Hell I would fly out for that if Mathilda May would be there. :D

    It's times like this when I wished I lived in La-La Land.

    Thanks for the info. I would be at every screening if I lived out there.
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    I may have to go to that, sounds interesting..
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    Man, that sounds like a blast.. Will be on call in Dallas- Please take and post pics-

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    My friend just informed me that the writer/co-producer of ALIEN - Ronald Shusset - will be speaking at the ALIEN screening on the 20th. (OK - so it's not Mathilda May from LIFEFORCE......)

    He's also working on getting a bunch of photos from some FORBIDDEN PLANET archive that haven't been seen in a while to display in the lobby as well as some shots from ALIENS.


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