Classic RoboCop Helmet Build

about 95% done with a custom RoboCop helmet and figured I could start posting some photos.

Early photo of the sculpt (ugly stages!), which was done on the client's lifecast for a proper fit, We were especially concerned with getting the jaw to wear correctly which is an issue with quite a few other helmets we looked at.

Rough casting out of the molds

After paint (I'll get more progress shots posted soon)
First test fitting

First test fit with the entire suit (suit not made by me, only the helmet). I'm really happy with the look.
Although It's not terribly noticeably but In this photo, the padding in the helmet was a little wonky. First fitment (previous photos) went great but I added a little extra for comfort and it turned out to be a little too much. In this image it's sitting a bit too high in the back and squishing his nose in the front. Not horrible but will be fixed this weekend.

I've got progress photos to share but have to dig them off of cameras/phone and will post as soon as I get around to it.
Thanks for stopping by!

btw, there are a few more photos of this and my other builds on my instagram if you feel like sifting through the other crap. ;)


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Awesome job man.One of the best helmets i've seen.I have many questions about it.Finished,it looks like its made out of resin but on the photos i can see you sculpting the clay.If its made out of clay wouldn't it be compact??:confused?How did you make it wearable.Could you provide more info about the procedure you followed??? Keep the great job and thanks for sharing.:thumbsup
Here's a photo of the sculpt for the under helmet/rubber bits when I was getting prepped to mold it and touching up some of the detail on the bottom. (Hard to work on when the lifecast was upright)


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Absalutly fantastic. very nice job. i am starting my Robo (original) build. first i am gathering info. I have the paper and foam files but i am determined to get the helmet correct first.
does anyone have any dimensions or 3D autocad / inventor files. I want to get the profile correct. any help would be apreciated. onec again, great job. Adaward.
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