Classic Retro Wolverine armor for the skinny guy


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I'm building a Classic Yellow and Brown Wolverine Armor Cosplay... I've got most of the base done but still think there is a bit to go. Im wearing it to a con in about 20 days with some friends in an Xmen team.
I am really skinny and dont have a physique anything like Wolverines so im bulking up on foam.

The story so far...

The direction I want to head

I built a generic hero armor for the base. Free hand with eva foam.

box 3.JPG

from this base i'm adding the elements that make it Wolverine

I put together a Helmet using JF customs pep file


I built some claws and started on the Shins, forearms, belt etc

Painting, and the strapping/connecting nightmare is next :D


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This is fantastic. As a smaller guy who wants to build Wolverine Ive been trying to find a good foam muscle base. yours is great! nice work!


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Painting a morphsuit for the first time... its hard to find much info on it, seems a bit of a secret lol. anyway i'm trying acrylic paint with a liquid medium for the airbrush. so far so good... but i dont know how many washes it will last so i will only wear it for short periods with testing etc before the con (dont want to be the smelly guy :/ )
I'm trying to take the bright yellow out and give it a more retro yellow/brown, and you wont see most of the muscles as they will be covered by the armor but i figured its good practice.



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Thanks guys... Yeah I agree Egon :D the morphsuit is just an undersuit, you wont see much of it at all, it will pull the armor together and make it seem seemless... fingerers crossed :D


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That is one seriously gorgeous paintjob. Foam work is also friggin' sharp. Absolutely jawdropping!!