Classic Green hornet 1940


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So i started and am almost finished with my Ghost mw2 costume, so i decided to do one that required a little more work so this is the design i am going as

The Wolf

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One of my favorite hero costumes.
I went to a convention about 25 years ago in the that costume. My mask was made from cardboard and unfortunately I didn't have a Mauser-based gas gun but it was fun.
A photographer posed me for some pics and I didn't think to ask for copies until he was gone.
Good luck with the costume.

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the mauser gas gun is by far the best version. get yourself an airsoft one and add some CO2 cylinders and tubing. i think i was able to get a really nice one for about 15 bucks online. search for mauser c96 airsoft.

to get a nice smooth finish on the mask you might want to try cutting out a plastic bucket. you could then heat gun it into shape.
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Thank you so much! I just went on ebay after you said that and won a bid for $12.25, hopefully it will come in the mail before 31st. As far as the mask i have already built one (the link above) and i know it doesnt look completely awesomebut its what i have. I will have more pics up later today!


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Sorry about the big delay, I moved houses and i was disconnected to the Internet. So what I am having trouble with is a green fedora any suggestions. I have a green trench coat and green slacks everything but the fedora.
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