Classic Gorn Captain from Original Star Trek


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After my Bossk was such a big hit over the past two years, I decided to make everyone's 'other' favorite "Hulking Space Lizard", the Gorn Captain from the original Star Trek episode 'The Arena'.

The Gorn Stands an intimidating 6'9" by looking out the mouth and building up the feet, much as I did with Bossk. The muscle suit was covered with molten hot glue to attain the look of the old retro rubber suit. The tunic was carefully copied from the surviving original, stenciling the two repeating roundel patterns. The teeth are some kind of real canine teeth from a web Indian craft store.

The Gorn was a great hit at both a local Star Trek convention in Nashville and at the recent DragonCon where it won a price in the Masquerade Contest. This photo was taken on the Masquerade Stage. RPF member Tambo Fett kindly volunteered to be tossed around on stage in the role of Captain Kirk.

I can post more detail photos if there is any interest.

All three of my 'reptilian' character have won in the DragonCon Masquerade, each over the past three years, The Draconian Warlord (that has since led the parade each year), Bossk and now The Gorn! A 'new' reptile is under construction for next year!
Awesome! Please post more pics. I met Bobby Clark (the guy who was in the original suit) a few years ago - he's one funny guy.
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