Clark Kent smallville wardrobe


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I own two of the logans closet ,and love them both. The red one gets A LOT of wear, and is holding up really well. Heck, I even slept in it once by accident!

From the pics, the Indy looks like it is cut a little differently than the screen used ones. i remember when this discussion happened the first time around. IIRC, LogansCloset owned one of the original off the shelf jackets, and reverse engineered it.


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Anyone interested in Clark's original boots can still get them from Redback out of Australia (there are US distributors too). Model is UACH Crazy Horse. I have owned a pair since seeing them on the show and they are well worth the price although they were @$120 when I got them. Back when CW had a Smallville style page they were featured along with his shirts, jeans etc.


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What kind is the one with the buttons? There's a red blue and tan one I believe.

Hey. Don't know if you're still interested, but the type of jacket you're referring to is by Gap. The series bought a bunch of them and dyed them red and blue but kept some of them tan. Problem was that they had to keep replacing them every time Clark was shot, burned or stabbed. Eventually they decided it would be cheaper to produce the jackets in-house and they modeled the more familiar jackets used in the later seasons after the Abercrombie & Fitch jackets that were being produced at the time. I have the red one myself from Logan's Closet and also have two that I dyed myself made from a couple of tan work jackets I bought from Cabelas. They are almost dead ringers for the jackets used in the series.


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It's a Swiss Army watch...I know there are 2 models. I got one that was a giveaway for Marlboro points(not a smoker but bought it off ebay).
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