'City of Ember' Props, screen used and replica stuff, let's see what you got!

Hey, I recognize a few of those... :cool

Coolest thing I have is Lina's answering machine that had the recording of Doon's father talking about escaping Ember:

City of Ember (2008), Lina's Answering Machine, original / screen-used

I also have a little robot from Loris' lab/living room:


And a couple of flares, that I suppose represent the flares launched in the air whenever power went out, but I don't recall actually seeing them in the movie. The little round printing on them is the Ember logo.
Sweet man! Love that answering machine!
If I lived out in Cali I would have cleaned them out of their 'Ember' stuff.
I had to piece everything together through the mail.
Hopefully I can acquire another one of Lina's hero outfits soon.
i watched this movie on netflix a little while back, on a lazy sunday when i had nothing else to do.

what an entertaining movie.
I want the coins too. Arbin Swen, the Vegetable Vendor hands them to Lina for delivering a message and she drops a bunch of them on the ground.

It would be cool to have some.
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