Christian Bale Calls it Quits After Dark Knight Rises

Can't say I'll miss him. He doesn't have the charisma needed to pull off Bruce Wayne. I wonder who will take over next.
Bale said a long time ago he will only be Batman if Nolan is directing. And Nolan said a long time ago he'd only do 3 - so this is no surprise.
Maybe Val Kilmer can take another stab at it...

bruce wayne yes/ batman no. I always felt that when he wore the batman costume, it felt like if he was paid to wear it. Unlike keaton, where you get that persona that he needs to be batman to feel complete
There are so many versions of Batman extant that I sort of can't believe it's discussed as a reboot. Somebody draw a straight line through the Detective #27 Batman with a gun on his belt, the dopey Batman of the late Fifties, the Adam West pop art camp, the "relevant" Neal Adams stuff of the Seventies, The Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers excellence, Frank Miller's Reagan-era Clint Eastwood stuff, through Micheal Keaton and Clooney's nipples.

I have never once believed Bale as Bruce/Batman, but I also never had the urge to Occupy Gotham because this is just a phase that's not for me. Hopefully the next folks in charge of the cine-Bat smarten up and do a bad day in the life of a filthy dirty Jon Hamm. I want to see The World's Greatest Detective chip a well-manicured nail solving something BAD that no one else can.

Friggin Hollywood needs to start remembering what makes things awesome and what sells branded taco meals is a small overlap, and not the first job of story.
When the reboot does come, I want a costume that looks closer to Arkham City than what we've seen in Nolan's trilogy

I'd love something like that too. Also, set it in a comic book world, sort of like the keaton ones were (not the same world, but concept). I don't really care for it to be set in 'the real world'. For all the raves TDK got, everytime they showed chicago it pulled me right out of the movie. The only time i've seen downtown chicago is flying through to somewhere else.

Frankly, i'd love to see them make it a series. Longer, more drawn out storylines, etc.
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