chocolate frog boxes!


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did u use the pattern for the file I uploaded on here? or did u make your own?
I had to make a new one up, as the scan that I made from the graphics book is slightly different! So I drew a new one over the scan so that everything would line up exactly.

Yours was really well done though!


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Hey all! ecl It looks great! I'm really curious on how you put your gold foil on it. How you put it only on some parts of design and didn't destroyed/cover other parts of design?
Thank you all!
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Hello Potterheads,

Some times ago I have to reacreate a "Chocolate Frog" box as those of Minalima.
He not to miss me more than a frog in chocolate.
I thus have to buy some modelling clay chocolate-colored "Fimo" and I have him to model to make a frog.
I have to try belong to the closest to the movie HP1. What are your notices?


Personally I am delighted, it makes really good in my collection Harry Potter :p !
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I know this is an old thread but I'm wondering if anyone ever managed to get a high res scan of the box or the portrait side of the card for these? I still can't find any decent images for these and a lot of the posts are now, sadly out of date. This has always been one of my fav props but I just don't have the artistic talent to do the incredible detail used. Does anyone have any images I can use? I FINALLY managed to find some foil that looks halfway decent and would love to complete this and use it.

Aresh Septango

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Re: chocolate frog foil help

Thanks ecl :) I have took a scan of the card of Dumbledore which we find in the box of Ron's artefact from Noblecollection, which I have to modify with Photoshop so that Dumbledore of the card seems to have left making a go for aride, not to stay all day long on the card.

View attachment 435922 And here are other cards which I have to recreate. I have to add a section of fantastic beats
you mind sending me the high rez scan? It would be fun to work on ones from the official cannon list of cards after the holidays
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Re: chocolate frog foil help

you mind sending me the high rez scan? It would be fun to work on ones from the official cannon list of cards after the holidays
I'd be interested too. My Frog-boxes and cards could use an upgrade.

Could someone tell me if the box is in another book aside from the one in the Page-to-screen-set? That set costs 1.5 thousand euros now says Amazon.. I have a few scans, but they are all very small and kind of bad.

Last question: How does the PS-Version of the box stay closed?