Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2022


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I was disappointed at a glaring missed opportunity. Towards the end, when Dales asks Zipper where the kids were, Zipper SHOULD have responded with, “Don’t worry. They’re in good hands.”
I mean, seriously. You’re going to tell me Allstate wouldn’t allow it?!

Psab keel

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That IS a missed oppportunity! :lol: I loved the fact that the one character who never spoke a word in the original show, at least to my recollection, ended up having a bass voice.


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This is why I love this forum. Normally, I wouldn't have had not one bit of interest in this. I never watched the show, the only Chip and Dale I remember was the cartoons on The Wonderful World of Disney show on Sunday nights way back in the day. But after reading this thread I decided to give it a chance this morning. I was pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed it.

Three cheers for the RPF!!(y)

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