Child's Play Good Guy (Chucky) head WIP


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I'm a big fan of Chucky, so when Coinprop offered up a few casts from a screen used Good Guys doll's head, I had to have one. Medicom have offered a few lifesize Chucky's over the years, but nothing comes as close as this to screen accuracy. :)

When he arrived it was a nice cast and already primered, but there were a few pin holes that needed filled and seam lines that needed smoothed, so I hit everything with sandpaper:


I did take pics of each step of my paintup, but sadly I found the pics were corrupted when I tried to load them to my computer. So jump a few steps to everything painted except the eyes:


The head had been filled with expanding foam and the bottom of the neck sealed with resin when I got it, so it was looking impossible (or at least a LOT of hassle) to install eyes from the inside. So I decided to replicate the background Good Guys dolls that had painted eyes:

Screen used background doll:


My head with painted eyes:


I was going to leave things at this point. But the more I looked at it, the more I didn't like it. Eventually I just couldn't live with it like this. The irises/pupils just didn't look perfectly round enough and one eye looked very slightly lower than the other.

Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and cut open the bottom of the neck, hollow out the inside of the head and cut out the eyes. Thankfully the expanding foam had only filled half the head, so that made the dremelling a lot easier once I'd cut through the resin in the neck opening.


And finally I found a pair of 26mm blue doll eyes I had spare. If I can find anything more screen accurate I'll replace them, but for now I'm happy with them - MUCH happier than with my earlier painted eyes.



Now Chucky just needs some hair. I've searched and searched on eBay, but I can't find any wig that looks that I could be suitable with a bit of cutting/styling.


Anyone know where I can find a (correct shade) ginger wig with a side parting of the right (or longer) length?
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Head paintjob is superb to say the least, great work!!

New doll eyes are spookin' me out though, i think they look too real!!!

It's going to look fantastic once he gets a ginger bonce!
When was this cast offered? I totally dont remember seeing it and would have loved one!

Awesome work! How are you going to do the hair?
Thanks guys, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

That My Buddy is a bit creepy. Have you seen the old animatronic talking Corky dolls?

When was this cast offered? I totally dont remember seeing it and would have loved one!

Awesome work! How are you going to do the hair?

The casts were offered in May. Junkyard thread here:

I plan to add a wig, but haven't found anything suitable yet.
I just shot him a PM - Hope he has some left!

What are you going to do for a body? Is Chucky MY BUDDY sized?
did you finish this? i have details somewhere of the wig i used on my bride of chucky head, i think its not that far off, i have a pic i can post
No, Chucky is still bald at the moment. I bought a wig that looks the right colour, but it's pretty poorly constructed, and will take a lot to get it to look good (it's long and wavy). I was just thinking about looking for a new wig for him the other day when I was tracking down a wig for Harvey Dent. Feel free to post pics Frosty. :)

Clive, as I've said at several points in this thread already, I did not sculpt this head or cast it, so no, I don't have any other ones.
I like this one alot...

Are you planing to do the whole thing (body and so)?

If you are are you going to add the sounds from the movie to the project?
Wow, Howlrunner! Fantstic work, and really nice paintwork there!
Im looking forward to see him with hair.

I recently took out the mold and thought about doing some more, will there be interest??

I have thought about doing a core to the mold so I can cast him in rubber.

Again, sweet looking paint job!!
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