Child of the Hydra's Teeth


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Just wanted to share my latest puppet replica, I still have the feet and sword to do as well as more nipping and tucking of certain areas to finesse shaping.


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Guy Cowen

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It was only a matter of time mate, looks killer and I bet it will be be displayed as proudly as my amazing bits of your life our, I've not forgot to send pics, should have it all tweaked and ready to shoot next week for ya. Amazing stuff as always


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Thanks much for the kind responses! Yeah, this one was a bit of a ball breaker since half of it had to be done using the build up method which is the same way Ray made the originals. Guy, excited to hear pics are coming, I was gonna bug you soon :) !


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Wow that is awesome looking. That scene was one of the earliest things I can remember as a child and fueled my love for Fantasy and Si-Fi movies.

I remember being mesmerized watching that scene on TV, probably on one of those Saturday afternoon monster/sci-fi marathons on one of those UHF channels like channel 29 or 17
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