Chick flicks you'll admit to liking


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What movies are you men "forced" to watch, but secretly like? I know there are a few that I have no qualms admitting I like, but probably wouldn't admit to my guy friends.

A few off the top of my head that I can say I like are:

Serendipity- I actually really like this one and dig the soundtrack
Pretty Women
Revenge with Kevin Costner
The Holiday
Sleepless In Seattle
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I'm not sure if this one really counts as a chick flick, but I really like 50 First Dates (that Adam Sandler romantic comedy type movie), I watch it any time it's on TV.

Deathstalker II

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I don't want for this to come out mean - but you shouldn't be ashamed. At all.

I used to run a video store, and I'd get these guy/bro/dude/schmucks coming in and bitching about how their girlfriend forces them to watch "chick flicks" - I'd tell them that there's no such thing as "chick flicks" or "guy flicks" - just GOOD FLICKS and BAD FLICKS.

At the same time, I used to ask girls who would ***** about a guy, " you sleep with this dude? 'Cause if you're doing THAT...and he can't watch the movie you wanna' watch for ninety selfish is he? Maybe you should find someone who's a little more secure in his masculinity...?"

Guys would complain about The Notebook. Idiots. I'd be like - "Uhh...yeah, it totally sucks that you have to watch Rachel McAdams strip down to her underwear and pant a bunch...and by no means would sitting through that and pretending it was poignant get you laid - how stupid are you?"

They'd be like "Dude...I never thought about it that way!"

Granted, I think Pretty Woman is horrifying and awful (it is a documented fact that teenage runaways spiked after that movie came out - girls actually thought that leaving home and turning tricks was a sure-fire way to snare the man of their dreams) - and Revenge is a thriller, not a romance, but there's nothing wrong with watching a romance or a romantic comedy - if it's an actual good movie.

Here are some titles from my collection that are definitely worth checking out:

100 Girls
All the Real Girls
Bring it On
The Dreamers
Josie and the Pussycats
LA Story
Love Actually
Nobody's Fool
The Notebook
Notting Hill
The Philadelphia Story
Playing by Heart
St. Trinians
The Whole Wide World


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As a woman, I hate, hate, HATE 99% of chick flicks. I generally avoid them like the plague, but there ARE some that I enjoy.

The Terminator (Sorry guys, take away the explosions, and it becomes a fairly sappy romance)
The Princess Bride
Ever After
The Adjustment Bureau (another one that is, at essence, a romance)


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You kidding me? Half the time I suggest them. If it's a good film, we watch it. "who it was marketed to" does not enter into the mix AT ALL with us.

Funny side note - we just saw Young Adult (excellent film, by the way - a glorious character study of an awful human being) and the trailer for TITANIC 3D rolled. My wife said "I have never see it. I don't care to see it. I will NEVER see it". I asked why and she said something about pandering to women and eff this and sonofa that.

Apparently she is now making "I'm the only person who has not seen Titanic" into a merit badge. Kind of like my not having seen Avatar.


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Cold Comfort Farm.
Because sometimes you need to see something nasty in the woodshed.

Heavenly Creatures
Because sometimes you need to see a surrealistic love/murder story.

Because sometimes you need to see a tremendous amount of nudity.


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Movies that I would watch again...

Somewhere in Time - Richard Collier beat Kyle Reese traveling through time for his lady by four years.
Princess Bride


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Curious Case of Benjamin Button -- actually on my top 10 of recent movies (in any category).
Defending Your Life
Memoirs of a Geisha

Used to like When Harry Met Sally, but it doesn't age well for me.

There are a bunch of older movies (30', 40's 50's) "chick flicks" that I really like as well.

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