Chick flicks you'll admit to liking

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by DoubleD, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. DoubleD

    DoubleD Sr Member

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    What movies are you men "forced" to watch, but secretly like? I know there are a few that I have no qualms admitting I like, but probably wouldn't admit to my guy friends.

    A few off the top of my head that I can say I like are:

    Serendipity- I actually really like this one and dig the soundtrack
    Pretty Women
    Revenge with Kevin Costner
    The Holiday
    Sleepless In Seattle
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  2. StevenRogers84

    StevenRogers84 Sr Member

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    The Notebook and a Walk To Remember, Seven Pounds, Grease, Green Fried Tomatoes...There is a lot of them actually.:lol
  3. mandoman

    mandoman New Member

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    I'm not sure if this one really counts as a chick flick, but I really like 50 First Dates (that Adam Sandler romantic comedy type movie), I watch it any time it's on TV.
  4. eclipse74569

    eclipse74569 Active Member

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    The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Mona Lisa Smile, and a few others...
  5. Deathstalker II

    Deathstalker II Well-Known Member

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    I don't want for this to come out mean - but you shouldn't be ashamed. At all.

    I used to run a video store, and I'd get these guy/bro/dude/schmucks coming in and * about how their girlfriend forces them to watch "chick flicks" - I'd tell them that there's no such thing as "chick flicks" or "guy flicks" - just GOOD FLICKS and BAD FLICKS.

    At the same time, I used to ask girls who would ***** about a guy, " you sleep with this dude? 'Cause if you're doing THAT...and he can't watch the movie you wanna' watch for ninety selfish is he? Maybe you should find someone who's a little more secure in his masculinity...?"

    Guys would complain about The Notebook. Idiots. I'd be like - "Uhh...yeah, it totally sucks that you have to watch Rachel McAdams strip down to her underwear and pant a bunch...and by no means would sitting through that and pretending it was poignant get you laid - how stupid are you?"

    They'd be like "Dude...I never thought about it that way!"

    Granted, I think Pretty Woman is horrifying and awful (it is a documented fact that teenage runaways spiked after that movie came out - girls actually thought that leaving home and turning tricks was a sure-fire way to snare the man of their dreams) - and Revenge is a thriller, not a romance, but there's nothing wrong with watching a romance or a romantic comedy - if it's an actual good movie.

    Here are some titles from my collection that are definitely worth checking out:

    100 Girls
    All the Real Girls
    Bring it On
    The Dreamers
    Josie and the Pussycats
    LA Story
    Love Actually
    Nobody's Fool
    The Notebook
    Notting Hill
    The Philadelphia Story
    Playing by Heart
    St. Trinians
    The Whole Wide World
  6. AdamL

    AdamL Well-Known Member

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    The Notebook. Loved it.
  7. firesprite

    firesprite Master Member

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    As a woman, I hate, hate, HATE 99% of chick flicks. I generally avoid them like the plague, but there ARE some that I enjoy.

    The Terminator (Sorry guys, take away the explosions, and it becomes a fairly sappy romance)
    The Princess Bride
    Ever After
    The Adjustment Bureau (another one that is, at essence, a romance)
  8. moffeaton

    moffeaton Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You kidding me? Half the time I suggest them. If it's a good film, we watch it. "who it was marketed to" does not enter into the mix AT ALL with us.

    Funny side note - we just saw Young Adult (excellent film, by the way - a glorious character study of an awful human being) and the trailer for TITANIC 3D rolled. My wife said "I have never see it. I don't care to see it. I will NEVER see it". I asked why and she said something about pandering to women and eff this and sonofa that.

    Apparently she is now making "I'm the only person who has not seen Titanic" into a merit badge. Kind of like my not having seen Avatar.
  9. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Does Sixteen Candles count?

    I agree on Terminator.
    I travelled across time for youuuuu Sarah!
  10. moffeaton

    moffeaton Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Cold Comfort Farm.
    Because sometimes you need to see something nasty in the woodshed.

    Heavenly Creatures
    Because sometimes you need to see a surrealistic love/murder story.

    Because sometimes you need to see a tremendous amount of nudity.
  11. dbalschi

    dbalschi Sr Member

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    The Notebook, Dear John, and Ghosts of girlfriends past.
  12. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Sr Member

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    The Proposal.
  13. Flagg

    Flagg Sr Member

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    Moulan Rouge
    Reign on Me
    Princes Bride
    10 Things I hate About You
    The Sweetest Thing
  14. Deric

    Deric Sr Member

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    The banger sisters. Jeffery Rush is awesome in that.
  15. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    Only chick flick that allows you to keep your man card too is:

    So I Married an Axe-Murderer.
  16. Jedifyfe

    Jedifyfe Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Let's see:

    Die Hard
    Pulp Fiction
    Inglorious Bastards
    I Spit on Your Grave
    The Notebook
  17. BAK55

    BAK55 Well-Known Member

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    Movies that I would watch again...

    Somewhere in Time - Richard Collier beat Kyle Reese traveling through time for his lady by four years.
    Princess Bride
  18. Shadow345

    Shadow345 Well-Known Member

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    Easy A
    Princess Bride
    The Matchmaker
    40-Year Old Virgin
  19. rodneyfaile

    rodneyfaile Sr Member

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    When Harry Met Sally
  20. wannab

    wannab Sr Member

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    Curious Case of Benjamin Button -- actually on my top 10 of recent movies (in any category).
    Defending Your Life
    Memoirs of a Geisha

    Used to like When Harry Met Sally, but it doesn't age well for me.

    There are a bunch of older movies (30', 40's 50's) "chick flicks" that I really like as well.

  21. Egon Spengler

    Egon Spengler Sr Member

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    The Princess Bride is not a Chick Flick. It's badass.
  22. JasonCash

    JasonCash Well-Known Member

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    Simply Irresistable
    Love Actually
  23. Adam C.

    Adam C. Well-Known Member

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    :lol:lol:lol:lol Brad. You big softy you...
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  24. EyeofSauron

    EyeofSauron Master Member

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    everything disney before atlantis (and a very fine selection of the new stuff), anything musical
    and all the classics

    so, who wants my man card?
  25. Bizarro Lois

    Bizarro Lois Sr Member

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    I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a chick flick, unless you mean no combat, no explosions, and no alien invasions or monsters. If it's simply a movie marketed toward women, I think "Pirates of the Caribbean" should count. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom...:love
    I have seen very few of the movies mentioned in this thread, and liked some of them. Most of the ones I liked, I never considered to be "chick flicks," especially the musicals and Disney films. I also agree that "Princess Bride" doesn't count - it's a fairy tale/fantasy.
    I'll add to the list of what I do think counts - Dirty Dancing.
  26. Supa troop

    Supa troop Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    i love
    Sleepless in Seatle
    Youve got mail
    Notting Hill
  27. Supa troop

    Supa troop Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You know what Brad is spot on with I spit on your Grave, it does indeed belong in the Chick Flick Genre.

    Nothing like a woman scorned and all that
  28. DeLucks Designs

    DeLucks Designs Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    White Chicks
  29. EvilRocketeer

    EvilRocketeer Sr Member

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    13 going on 30
    just like heaven
    devil wears prada
    sweet home alabama
    the wedding date
    the notebook
    10 things i hate about you
    pretty woman
    mean girls
    50 first dates
  30. familyman

    familyman Sr Member

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    A walk in the clouds,
    While you were sleeping,
    Notting Hill,
    Bridget Jones Diary,
  31. Wolfie

    Wolfie Sr Member

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    Says the man with a cartoon avatar holding a light saber and wearing a comic shirt. :angel

    Maybe if my husband sees how many people here post the Notebook I can convince him to watch it LOL Though I told him he'd cry, and he doesnt seem to find that a reason to watch it but to avoid it lol Though he cries watching the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who and he'll rewatch that...

    To throw a big burly man friend of mine under the bus, he would tell you:

    The Fountain
    The Time-Travelers Wife
    The Notebook
  32. Jeyl

    Jeyl Master Member

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    That's on my top 10 worst movies in recent memory. All that love and all that talk leading up to a crummy, ill-conceieved moral that kids need a father and women aren't capable of raising a kid on their own. Take THAT single mothers and lesbian couples!

    Sorry. I just hate that film with the blood of a thousand minecraft chickens. Back to the topic at hand.

    Amélie (Both a chick flick AND an international movie)
  33. Nwerke

    Nwerke Master Member

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    What? We're not guys? Or we're not friends? Screw you too, buddy! :p :lol

    Oh, horrors. I'd suspected that for years. Sad to hear it's true. ****ty, ****ty film.

    Many already mentioned several times, but here's me list:

    Notting Hill
    Devil Wears Prada
    Princess Diaries
    10 Things I Hate About You
    50 First Dates
    Music and Lyrics
    While You Were Sleeping
    Keine Ohr Hasen
    Chinese Odyssey 2002
    Princess Bride
  34. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'm the one who puts on Pretty Woman and Ghost every so often ! The Mrs. would never 'ask' for them. (but she's a bit of a tomboy :lol)

    Should I be worried :confused

    Great flicks those two :thumbsup
  35. Too Much Garlic

    Too Much Garlic Master Member

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    It's all about selling it the right way. Never mention crying or feelings up front... sell it on story - if it has one - and nudity - if it has some - or whatever good points, sans crying and feelings, the story consists of that might be of interest. Or generally just hint that more good will come from watching it than not.

    I like:
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Just like Heaven
    (I'll watch) You've got Mail.
    I like Titanic for the historic parts
    Is Labyrinth a chick flick?

    There are probably more. Not keeping track what is what... but must admit most romantic dramas sound like trite emotional dribble to me - with a terrible morale at the end (or maybe that's the teen dramas I'm thinking of where the girl/woman reacts completely contradictory to reality and stays with the jerk main character after the cliche heartfelt apology scene for whatever crap the jerk guy put the girl through).

    There's generally nothing to be afraid of by watching what some call chick flicks... a good story is a good story, as mentioned before. No point in being insecure. Though, just because I find some of those movies boring doesn't mean I'm a chick flick phobic - just means I find the movies boring.
  36. Nwerke

    Nwerke Master Member

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    "Jerk main character" isn't the right way to do the romcom formula. He should ideally be a likeable/desirable main character forced into a 'boy loses girl' action by circumstances - i.e. whatever it is, it's out of character for him, or in character but in some forgiveable way.

    And then he finds a really spectacular way to make amends, even though it wasn't his fault. Get that bit of audience manipulation right and the ladies go completely gooey. Well mine does.
  37. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Titanic is a chick flick :confused

    I love that too !

    Yep, I think I should worry :lol
  38. crabra comander

    crabra comander Sr Member

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    Brokeback Mountain
  39. Too Much Garlic

    Too Much Garlic Master Member

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    It was mentioned earlier in the thread as a chick flick... I just watch it for the historic bits.
  40. Too Much Garlic

    Too Much Garlic Master Member

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    Well, the formula usually is a likeable guy in the beginning, but circumstances have him show his true colors - money, fame, popularity, whatever - and he totally disses the girl who has a crush on him and has been supportive from even before he suddenly go special... then he loses everything, realizes he was a complete jerk and wins her over with a lame apology. In reality... the response would likely be a cellphone picture from the girl showing her getting it on with some other guy. 'Cause... the main character really isn't worth wasting time on, 'cause you've already seen what kind of a jerk he is.

    I'm all for learning curves... but that one is just sooooo over-used and so unrealistic... or... maybe I'm just not too up on reality and that whole forgiving when he doesn't effing deserve it thing.
  41. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I actually (really) like everything about Titanic :)
  42. Too Much Garlic

    Too Much Garlic Master Member

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    Nothing to be ashamed of.
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  43. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    There is VERY little I am ashamed of :lol

    I am also absolutely not ashamed to admit that the ONLY movie to make my eyes well up, is when Grace is telling her father goodbye at the end in 'Armageddon' :cry
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  44. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I always liked Ladyhawke.
    I never hear it mentioned as a chick flick though.
  45. Wakeem

    Wakeem Well-Known Member

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    Already mentioned but Cold Comfort Farm. Just because it's early Kate Beckinsale. I think I've watched Cold Comfort as a complete movie more times than the Underworld movies, which I just watch for the action scenes.
  46. TallDarkandDisfigured

    TallDarkandDisfigured Sr Member

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    Having worked for Blockbuster for YEARS and a projectionist at the local theatre for a while also, I've seen MANY movies I wouldn't have chosen to see.. A few that I actually enjoyed..

    Serendipity - Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, hard to go wrong there....
    Moulin Rouge- An awesome flick
    10 things I hate about you
    Ever After

    Titanic was alright, but it was a one time watch for me. Might check out The Notebook after hearing alot about it.

    But I'm sorry. Hugh Grant should be flung off a cliff into the ocean. I will not watch anything he is in.
  47. firesprite

    firesprite Master Member

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    Okay, in fairness, the Van Gogh episode of Dr Who is the most beautifully heartbreaking episode in a series that's rife with such moments.

    When the Doctor and Amy bring Vincent to the museum in the future so he can hear how his works inspire and impact people long after his death was one of the most beautiful and moving moments I've ever seen. As an author, myself, I can understand Vincent's doubts about himself and his breakdown at hearing the lingering effect of his art was amazing. The actor does a fantastic job of being both devastated and radiant at the same time.
  48. Zykotec

    Zykotec Active Member

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    Titanic for me was as little of a girl flick as Terminator. The one thing I like about most Cameron films is (like in the aforementioned two) the story about something man made that becomes a man-killing disaster.
    Titanic is for me mostly about some guys who's built a really really awesome ship, that ends up killing most of it's passengers on it's maiden voyage. The one time I almost cried in that movie is when the designer finally realizes that he has f***ed up, and decides to go down with the ship. The love story in the movie is of little importance, just to hang the real story on, and seems to be made deliberately so too, just like in Terminator.
    The only Cameron movie where the 'love story' is a vital part of the actual plot for me would be 'the Abyss' and 'Terminator 2' (between John and his mechanical father figure)

    As for 'real' made to be 'chick flicks', my favourite would be 'Death proof' (honestly, think about it, it really is achick flick, just not a romantic one :) )
  49. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I liked Say Anything. Not sure if that is a chick flick either though, more from the guy side of things.
  50. clonesix

    clonesix Sr Member

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    Princess Bride
    The Game Plan
    Moulan Rouge
    You've Got Mail
    the Notebook

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