Chewy Bandolier boxes question.


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Does anyone know if these are the same as Chewy's small boxes?

Parts of Star Wars original website seems to be gone and I could not find anything on their facebook or anywhere else for any info on these.

Someone on Etsy offers the large metal boxes, but I can't find anything on the small ones.

Thanks in advance.


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You could also try these which are sold under both the Deltron brand and the RS Components brand:

RS PRO Silver Die Cast Aluminium Enclosure, Shielded, 89.1 x 35 x 30.3mm | RS PRO | RS Components Export

My reasoning for suggesting these is the slightly smaller size than the Hammond ones (which can seem a bit big to my eye) on top of the fact that so many other parts for the OT productions were sourced from RS Components out of the UK. Just thought it would be worth mentioning!

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