Chewbacca Bowcaster budget scratch build


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Hi Everyone,

My Budget Chewie build has been on the backburner for sometime now, ( needing motivation to start on it again).

So i figured that this Bowcaster build might get me back on track to finally try to finish the suit. ( had some freetime so did this over the weekend)



stated by transferring /creating a templte from a file found online ( credit to owner)..




template was then used to make rough stock out of EVA foam..modified the template to make it about half an inch longer on both ends..


single point scope out of an old small flashlight and some other greeblies scrounged from the storeroom...a pair of 4x20 scopes has been ordered, cost is so low that making a DIY for those will not be practical



trying out the scale of the scope and also the sideplate template with rough layout of the knobs...



trying on the bow ( layered illustration board) for scale...




an old curtain rod ( cut to size) becomes the barrel, also checking out the barrel support and the frontsight/bowstring catch... total length is approximately 28 inches

everything is in rough condition, but as soon as basic components are complete...shall proceed to fine tune all and replace parts for better ones when it becomes available ( and practical, haha)

comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are highly welcomed.

thanks for looking.
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I love budget scratch builds. I'll be watching this thread with great interest.

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Thanks! i have started to apply initial clay epoxy to the rough parts of the stock ( i prefer it over bondo, because i can handle/manipulate it by hand), it shall also strengthen it structurally, hoping to finish it before the side scopes and mounts i ordered arrive so i can begin to sand it smooth. am now on the lookout for possible candidates for the knobs. :)


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That thing's so cool, except Chewie called me a few minutes ago and he said RAAWWWWWR (I will rip whoever stole my bowcaster's limbs off!)


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Hahaha...Chewie is a good friend, he knows i took his for reference. oh btw for those who have built one or has one, do i need to put the bowstring as seen on ROTJ ?


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Hi everyone, here are some progress pics..

the pair of 4x20 scopes have arrived..

some initial epoxy clay has been applied to the stock...

checking out how it looks so far....

setting up the sideplates ( illustration board, with knobs out of washers and assorted caps and other found items....)

test fit on the stock...

rough details on how the bow will be fixed to the stock...

the scope mount rail came as well, trying it on for size....

some refinement done on the scopes...

where everything stands as of latest...

scrounging for the balls, and as soon as basic parts are complete, shall beging sanding the stock so can start painting..

thanks for looking, as usual, constructive comments and criticism are highly appreciated..


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Hi everyone, basic parts seems to be completed, so will now dismantle everything and start my favorite (NOT!!) part of every build..."SANDING" and will then proceed to painting, here is where its at before i take it apart again:

should i attach the bowstring like ROTJ/ESB or leave it off like ANH? the whole thing is pretty lightweight at only 2.12 lbs.

rifle sling will be done after re-assembly.

again, comments and constructive criticism will be appreciated.

thanks for looking.


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hi all,

Sanding got to me again so even still lots of room to smooth out the stock, went ahead and painted it up and assembled, heres is where its at;

still waiting on the sling, but basically its done (for now), next is to get Chewie out of storage and continue working on him before motivations starts to wane again...nyahaha.

thanks for looking!


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Hi all,

The sling arrived, it might not be 100% SA, but it looks great nonetheless and completes the look of the Bowcaster, minor tweaks to be done but overall this is finished, will now proceed to finish the pouch/satchel, and after that ..if motivation is still high...will continue on the suit

thanks for looking!



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Really great budget build, I'm impressed! It's inspiring to say the least!


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Thanks! this was a nice fun build. someday i might upgrade with better/accurate materials. but for now this should suffice. ;)


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Hi guys,

quick question to those who has built their own bowcaster, what did you use for the bowstring? am considering something rigid to help strengthen my scratch built bow. thanks for your answers.

cheers- Rommel


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thanks! was initially looking at bicycle spokes actually, inserted into some type of rope or string, but falls short ,