Chevy Caprice ex CHP


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been working on this for awhile a 1:24th scale Motor Max 1993* Chevy Caprice California Highway Patrol.

I have striped it down to make a civilian car




detail to the bottom of the car


adding detail to the engine compartment


added "real" carpet on the floor and cloth to head liner



i do plan on adding lights to the car front and rear gotta look up on how to do all that stuff lol.

*issues with this car's casting:
Motor Max miss labeled/detailed this car all wrong. The body is a 95-96 Caprice the rear side window was a triangle from 91-94. The interior is also wrong the dash is from a 91-92 Caprice with needle speedometer 93 would have the same dash but a digital speedometer and 94-96 would have a whole new dash. The pedals are also wrong it has gas, break, and clutch the Chevy Caprice from 1991-96 were automatics so the clutch pedal is wrong The exhaust system is wrong it has a LT1 engine and was a duel exhaust system not a single like the small block V8. Also the wheels are wrong the rims are right but it was chrome with black center cap not black with chrome center cap.

on the upside in a pinch it makes a good movie scale car for large set since the bottom has some good details like the rear axle can come off so can be flipped over and still look real.
I have bought lights from this Hobby LEDs for Model Trains, RC, Diecast - Home, you can get a little button on off switch that can be hooked up to a 9V battery and don't have to have a lot of wiring experience. You should be able to run led lights but I usually run the wires during the build not sure ow you complete this task with the model already built. I am no expert not even that experienced but will be running fiber optics in my next build and this company has offered all that I need as far as lights that will feature the trust of engines and other led lights that I will take a stab at fiber.. Hope this helps some..

thanks. as far is wiring this model shouldn't be too hard it unscrews and i just got to cut the tabs that hold the lights on and drill out the back lights since the red lens hold the flat chrome trim.
Buy a 9V battery cap that includes a switch you can run several led lights off of this and buy different color led lights. If you want them brighter you simply sand off some of the clear plastic tip of the led.. They also have 3V battery connector that you can use that you could attach in the car some where hidden this maybe in the trunk so you could access to change the battery and the terminal is really small. I cut and solder the wires where I want for length depending where you want the switch and the battery that's all it takes as the resistor is built in the wire that has the switch.. Should cost $20 or less from the for-mentioned company for everything including shipping..

If the inner part of the lights don't have chrome for reflection I think you can use foil inside to reflect the light, I have never built a car or lit a car but that should work..

Hope this helps,,

it does help out a lot. the rear lights need the work since it's just a flat chrome no hallow sections. at some point i want all the lights to be like the real car with the turn signals to work like the real ones.
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