Chemion LED Glasses = useful material?


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First post, I hope I'm doing it right...

I've always thought those glasses that Chemion makes were pretty nifty, but I've never actually considered ripping a pair apart. I would love to use that display mounted in a gasmask, or other such thing. One obvious costume idea is Wrench from watch dogs 2, but I'm sure there are others.

My question is, has anybody torn these apart? To what extent can I slim it down to its bare components before it no longer works?



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I just built my own Wrench mask this week using the Chemion glasses (please go check out TheNeverCat's tutorials on YouTube - they are enormously helpful). I was able to tear the entire thing down to the integrated LED board. I re-wired all the battery outputs and power switch with very little difficulty. I cut the led cover and backing to fit the profile I desired and reattached them to the center board but even in its deconstructed state it worked just fine (TheNeverCat uses kapton tape and never reattaches the backing so thats another option). Very usable piece of tech, imho.