Cheetara bracer


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I wanted to finally stop randomly commenting on things and post something hopefully productive.

This year was our first time attending DragonCon
the decision was made October of last year so the wheels started spinning right away.
My first costume choice was Cheetara as Thundercats was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.
I went for a battle hardened Cheetara that has been through more than one fight with Mumm-Ra and his minions.

This is the bracer that I built for her.
Its veg tanned leather that is heat formed to my arm painted and covered in clay.
The paint is all acrylic.

I know its not exactly a screen replica but hopefully its ok to post here.
I'd love any constructive criticism.



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Loved thundercats growing up, and still do today. The bracer looks cool, why did you go with clay over leather and not just more leather?


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I went with the clay because its easier and faster to shape (my original art training is in clay).
It allowed me to move it and alter as I was inspired to.
Plus once cured it would allow me to cut gouges out of it and continue to shape it.
Clay is more forgiving, if I accidentally took too much off, I can add more and build it back up.
I wanted a considerable difference in thickness between the base and the top piece, and in leather it would have required a 8-10oz piece of leather which 1- I didn't have and 2 is quite expensive when your lucky enough to find it.


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thanks for the encouragement.
There was/is a costume- wore it to Dragoncon
please forgive/disregard the stupid face/pose. I am not a photogenic one and have a hard time making my face not look retarted.

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