Cheap/fake rivits?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Tyler Brown, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Tyler Brown

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    I remember hearing a few easy ways to make fake/really cheap rivits. I'm drawing a blank. Can anyone poke my mind into gear with some easy to do techniques/materials to use?

  2. Shylaah

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  3. Ruddigger

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    The guy that did the king richard shield and used googly eyes cracked me up. Still rattling around in there under the paint.
  4. Timmythekid

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    Dang, beat me to it! Yeah, I read someone's build thread for a PKE meter where they use googly eyes. Genious!
  5. Superkrates

    Superkrates Active Member

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    For the old hammered rivet look, use hot-glue to create the dots and space evenly for a row of them - looks fantastic when painted.
  6. Tommyfilth

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    For big ones I have used the decorative glass marbles that are flattened on one side, the kind you use in vases for table center pieces. They would be too big for most props, but look good as set dressing.
  7. swhite228

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  8. PrimoOptimoso

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    I've used "button caps", I think they're called. They're actually smooth, domed, and metallic, made to cover buttons so you can't see the button's thread holes I guess. They're hollow, like bowls, so you'll have to fill them (in my case I filled with hot glue for a 2-fer of filling and adhesion).
  9. pfillery

    pfillery Active Member

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    Try the small metal pins (brads they call them sometimes) used for scrapbooking and other craft, they come in all sizes and usually in bulk packs on ebay etc. Pretty cheap too. Just push or glue them in and paint, they would look the part.
  10. DrewSmith007

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