Cheap, Easy Mold-Making?


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Hi everyone! I'm now living in a college dorm, not the most convenient of places to be when it comes to prop making. I really want to make a phantom mask, but I need some suggestions. I have an extremely low budget, and don't really have access to a lot of materials. I was thinking of doing a cast of my face with paper machee, then cutting it into the shape of the mask and sculpting clay over it, but I'm afraid that might be too heavy. Is there any inexpensive way to cast it out of a lighter material? Also, I've never cast anything before, so something on the easier side would be helpful. Hopefully someone will have a solution. Thanks in advance! :)
Alginate and plaster is pretty cheap, you could make a legit lifecast of yourself for about 40 bucks and have tons of alginate left over. Post a pic of what you're trying to make. you might get more luck that way.
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