Cheap Alternatives to Mannequins


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Hello, I'm sure many of you use mannequins to display your costumes and props (as I've seen in many threads over the last few days). I just managed to clear out a large area in my garage to make some displays and want to show off some costumes. However I am strapped for cash right now and was wondering if anyone knew of a place to get full mannequins for under $50. Either that or something to to make a cheap mannequins.

I did see a video on how to make a stunt dummy for movies by wearing some old clothes and covering them from head to toe with duct tape, then cut them open, slide out and tape them back closed. After you just paint them and add a head. Has anyone tried this or something close?
I have a duct tape torso I use for getting better approximation for my body type & a dressmakers torso (male) I got on eBay for $20 :) I also made an expanding foam head piece and attached so I can sit helmets on it as well. It does the job but unless packed solid it gives when pushed a lot which could create sag along shoulders.
XRobots has a great tutorial with good pictures! I've used this method as well. HERE'S a funny little time-lapse from my work to make one for my son's Halloween costume I'm working on! It's been a HUGE help during construction!
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