Charr costume (guild wars 2 game)


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I have Been working on a costume for Guild Wars 2 . Decided to try and recreate A Charr from the in game models

If this is posted in the wrong place or does not belong, I was unsure as to posting replica costumes and items from a game qualified or not. :confused

A quick couple pictures of the head, Jaw moves with the wearers when he talks. Working on a voice changer /throat mic and amp that I can fit into the roof of the mouth.

I am a small time nobody , But here are some pictures of my other work. Only been doing this for about 6 years and 2 years as an actual business and Full Fursuits

Very nice! Before my post edit, I thought you were recreating the Warrior's set from the first GW. Can't wait to see the rest of this costume.

Also, don't undersell yourself. I've found this forum is a rather diverse and welcoming community regardless of background. Your website is nothing to be ashamed of either those are some nifty pieces.
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Thanks , it is allot of work for little pay.

As soon as I get the roll of black fur in for the rest of the suit, it should come together quickly. punching rivets right now in the leather armor .
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