Charmed fans! Charmed Paper Props


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Anyone have HD Paper Props,episode stills, familys pictures that appear in the series, behind scenes pics or anything to share?
Here I share some that I have and I have found on the internet.
storytime.jpg 10566381_10204199067914389_1560684967_n.jpg Behind-the-Scenes-of-Forever-Charmed-charmed-25566018-200-225.jpg book4.jpg ChrisWyatt640x480.jpg GramsnPiper.jpg Jason-Simmons-Kristopher-Simmons-jason-and-kristopher-simmons-9437017-600-425.jpg normal_128.jpg


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I have a ton of paper props from Charmed. Too many to post here though. LOL I could probably start my own thread with how many I have. If you are still looking for more, please let me know.


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