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I've had this costume completed for a while now (about 3 months) but never had a chance to get any decent pics of it. Until now. It's based on elements of the Fallout 3 universe. I tried to make it real-worldish; there is a lot of found gear. I also included some elements from the DLC Honest Hearts (probably my favourite of all the Fallout DLCs so far). I haven't played Lonesome Roads yet, so I'm interested to see how that comes out.


Anyway, on to the costume! None of the weapons are real (except the combat knife). The knife is a Next Gen stainless steel Kabar. The M14 is based on "This Machine" from New Vegas. It's an CMA airsoft M14 with a real M1A wooden stock. The .45 is all metal gas powered WI airsoft. I put an old set of rosewood .45 grips on it. The shotgun is metal airsoft version of the Remington 870 (heavy ******* too).

The coat is an oilskin I ordered from Outback trading. I put the markings on using a homemade stencil and a black Sharpie. I had tried painting it on, but the oil impregnated cloth didn't hold the paint. It holds the Sharpie just fine. Go figure, but it looks good. The left shoulder has the American flag stencil that I first saw in Old World Blues and loved. The right has the "N star C" that is on the state flag of North Carolina. The pack is a standard old school ALICE pack; I put the American flag stencil on the upper flap, again in Sharpie.


The vest is a Leapers UTG SWAT vest. Really the only mod is paint the SLCPD and SWAT logo (from Joseph Graham's vest) on it. I wish the lettering had come out sharper, but the paint didn't want to adhere to the vest material very well. Guess paint and this outfit just didn't mix.


Pants are Wrangler's cargo pants with the cargo pockets removed. Boots are Marine Corp desert boots.

The two real Fallout props are the Pip-Boy 3000 (acquired here on the RPF from Zook, outstanding work!!) It's loaded with an iPod touch, with some custom screens and video to replicate what you see in the game.



The other is my Nuka-Cola hat. Just a red Flex-Fit hat; I had planned to go with the plain red as it was in the game but I wanted to add a bit to make things more recognizable as Fallout. I got the local store where I purchased the hat to embroider Nuka-Cola on it and then dirtied it to hell and back.



There are still some things I want to add, mainly some weathering, but for a first run/first wear I was really pleased at how it all came together.



There are a lot more good quality pics. Please check out my buddy Matt's flickr at
Fallout: Wandering the Wastes - a set on Flickr

He took all these awesome pictures.

Comment are welcome, and here's a little something for all the boys and girls in Vault 10...

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I love this. The hat is a great touch.

TY. All my characters in FO3 and FO:NV have worn the red baseball cap. Even when I found a hat with better attributes. :) My initial plan was to have a Vault-Tech logo embroidered on the front and back, but it would have been very expensive and the embroidery shop around me had very very poor customer service. Little place where I bought the hat was able to do simple text, so I went with the red and white Nuka-Cola. I have a distressed one for the costume, and then a clean one I wear for a normal hat.

Good stuff, Charlie! Nice to see that your excellent taste in scfi extends to computer games:) LOVE the Nuka Cola cap! Envious of the Pip-Boy :eekAll in all, a good F:NV costume!
Good stuff, Charlie! Nice to see that your excellent taste in scfi extends to computer games:) LOVE the Nuka Cola cap! Envious of the Pip-Boy :eekAll in all, a good F:NV costume!

Thank Yuri! This was my project before I decided to rework the Nostromo costume. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the hat; both on the boards and out in the real world people just seem to really like it! :)

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